Capital and Funding

Capital Management

The Group’s capital management is focused on adequacy, efficiency and flexibility whilst maintaining balance sheet strength to support the overall Group strategy. The Group’s key objectives in relation to capital management are to optimise the returns to shareholders, support the Group’s growth and ensure that capital levels appropriately cover the Group’s risks. This involves ensuring an efficient mix of Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital, maintaining sufficient capital resources to satisfy regulatory requirements and meeting rating agency expectations.

Wholesale funding

The Group maintains a well-diversified wholesale funding portfolio by accessing a range of funding across senior, subordinated and secured debt markets (both offshore and domestic), as well as the domestic retail hybrid market. The prudent mix across maturity profiles, geographies and investors funds the Group’s business activity and growth.

NAB issues covered bonds backed by Australian residential mortgages. The cover pool is regularly monitored.

Securitisation is an alternative source of funding used by the Group to assist in achieving its overall funding objectives. The Group issues residential backed mortgage securities secured over high quality Australian residential mortgage loans.

Monthly investor reports for covered bonds and residential backed mortgage securities are available on the ‘Secured Funding’ section of the website.

NAB also issues Climate Bonds Standard certified Green Bonds.  For more details on NAB Green Bonds please refer to the ‘Green Bond’ section of this site.

Capital and Funding Enquiries

Debt Investors

For queries on NAB please email: NAB Debt Investor Relations

Group Treasury

For queries on Term Funding and Capital please email: Capital and Funding