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NAB Climate Bonds

We’re proud to have been the first bank in the world to issue a Climate Bonds Standard certified green bond. The Climate Bonds Standard is an international benchmark that assists investors in prioritising investments that finance climate change solutions.

In December 2014, NAB issued a green bond in the domestic market, raising AUD300 million, which was earmarked for financing a portfolio of renewable energy assets including wind farms and solar energy facilities in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, NSW and the ACT.

Not only was this the first bank-issued bond to be certified in compliance with the Climate Bonds Standard, it was the first time an Australian issuer had brought a 'green bond' to the local market.

In March 2017, NAB also became the first Australian bank to issue an offshore green bond, raising EUR500 million, which was earmarked for financing or refinancing a portfolio of wind farms, solar energy facilities and low carbon transport infrastructure in the UK, Europe, the Americas and Australia.

In February 2018, NAB executed a Residential Mortgage-Backed Security (RMBS) transaction, which included Australia’s first Climate Bond certified green tranche.  The green tranche comprised AUD300 million of NAB-originated mortgages for Australian residential properties that meet the Climate Bonds Standard criteria for Australian low-carbon residential buildings.

Click here for further details of NAB's Corporate Responsibility and annual "Sustainability Report" report.

NAB Annual Green Bond Reports

NAB SDG Green Bond Verification Update - September 2018 (Reissued)

On 25 February 2020 NAB reissued the 2018 SDG Green Bond Verification Update.

NAB Annual Green Bond Report for FY17

NAB Green Bond EY Assurance Statement for FY17

NAB SDG Green Bond Framework

NAB SDG Green Bond Framework

NAB EUR SDG Green Bond priced 2018

Climate Bond Certificate NAB SDG Green Bond - August 2018

NAB USD SDG Green Bond issued 2018

NAB SDG Green Bond Pre Issuance Verification - March 2018

Climate Bond Certificate NAB SDG Green Bond - March 2018

NRMBS 2018-1 (Green Tranche) issued 2018

NRMBS 2018-1 (Green Tranche) Pre Issuance Verification - January 2018

NAB EUR Climate Bond issued 2017

NAB EUR Climate Bond Verification Update – February 2018

NAB EUR Climate Bond Post Issuance Verification - May 2017

NAB EUR Climate Bond Pre Issuance Verification - February 2017

NAB AUD Climate Bond issued 2014

NAB AUD Climate Bond Verification Update – February 2018

NAB AUD Climate Bond Verification Update - April 2017

NAB AUD Climate Bond Verification Annual Update - December 2015

NAB AUD Climate Bond Verification - March 2015

NAB Social Bonds

In March 2017, NAB issued the first social bond to specifically promote workplace gender equality, raising AUD500 million.  The NAB Social Bond (Gender Equality) offered wholesale investors the opportunity to support in the financing or re-financing of organisations cited by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as Employers of Choice for Gender Equality.

NAB Social (Gender Equality) Bond issued 2017

NAB Social Bond (Gender Equality) Framework Overview and Second Opinion

NAB Annual Social Bond Reports

NAB Annual Social Bond Report for FY17

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